Talking to somebody who is a neutral person in the sense that they have no agenda on how you should feel, think, or act is very healing in and of itself. Putting your thoughts and feelings into words gets them out of the gerbil wheel of the mind where they simply go round and round and round, leaving you exactly where you began except feeling more exhausted, demoralized, and discouraged. Who needs that?

You seek out a therapist because you hope he or she can help you solve problems that up to this point you have not been able to solve for yourself.

During our first session I listen intently so that I feel I have a good sense of what the problem is, how it is manifesting in your life, and how to begin to resolve it. I am not one of those therapists who sits passively and says “Uh hum, interesting, what do you think?” If you knew how to solve the problem you wouldn’t be in my office! You came to me because I have knowledge, skills, and tools that will make a difference for you.

I believe strongly in empowering you, so I will teach you ways to work with a problem between sessions as well as during sessions. How many times have you needed help with something when there was no therapist available or you couldn’t afford to see one? I want you to have skills to use during these times. Some of the most exciting, innovative, and effective tools for change are deceptively simple. I can teach them to you in less than an hour, and as we practice them in my office you will get immediate feedback and can feel the difference for yourself. Three of my favorites, Emotional Freedom Technique™ (EFT), Thought Field Therapy™ (TFT), and Tapas Acupressure Technique™ (TAT) fall under the heading of Energy Psychotherapy which is discussed in that section.

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