Loss and Bereavement Counseling

lossandbereLoss, bereavement, grief; these are inevitable parts of life.  On a continuum of losses, at one end are the minor ones which are more like annoyances or a temporary sadness, but on the far end are the losses that plunge one into deep despair, into what might be called the dark night of the soul.  When a loss is so painful, how does one find their way back into the light, into happiness, into a life that feels worth living? This is a journey that takes an indeterminate amount of time, depending upon the loss, its meaning to you, and the way it impacts your life.  Death is the loss that we first think of when speaking about grief, but sometimes death is not the worst loss a person can experience. Divorce, loss of trust, betrayal; losing a home, a job, a homeland; loss of health and freedom– all these and more are losses that need to be identified, grieved, processed, and placed in context (integrated) into the big picture of your life.

There is no getting around it, this is hard work, best done with a knowledgeable, compassionate guide, along with resources and techniques that you can do on your own. Friends, families, and clergy may play a positive role in one’s healing from loss, but usually do not have all the skills necessary, and often the bereaved feel they can no longer burden others with their pain even though it is still present and resulting in distressing symptoms.  You know if this describes you.

I do individual sessions and periodic groups for loss, bereavement, and grief.