Past Life Regression Therapy

pastliferegrethPast life regression therapy may provide the answers to a problem when you cannot pinpoint any reason for it in this lifetime. For example, I suffered from early morning headaches for over 20 years and could never figure out what caused them until a past life regression revealed that I had been killed by a blow to the back of the head and part of my spirit, or soul, was still connected to that lifetime. After I did the healing work on this, my headaches went from five a week to fewer than five a month.

My experience is an example of having tried many different things to solve the problem which apparently was not solvable until I was able to discover and heal the source event. If you have tried many different things to resolve a problem and it still persists, you might want to consider past life regression therapy.

When I say “problems” they are not limited to physical issues. They can be anything — relationships, work, money, addictions, fears, phobias, self-defeating behaviors — in other words, practically any area of life in which you feel stuck. It seems unfair that we would not be consciously aware of how past lives influence our current life, and what issues we are here to heal this time around. This is one of the most convincing arguments against past lives as far as I am concerned, yet when people have a past-life experience and it makes a huge difference in their lives, something is at work even if we can’t rationally explain it.

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