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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual DirectionWhen people are looking for spiritual direction they may not even know that is what they are seeking.  Some of the signs and symptoms are a sense of emptiness and lack of meaning, a hunger for something that nothing has been able to fill, feeling hopeless, fear and confusion about religious teachings, suffering from spiritual abuse, wanting to believe they are not alone, and realizing that their current way of being in the world is not working for them.

Nobody can tell you what your spiritual path is, which is one of the differences between most religions and spirituality.  Finding your spiritual direction is a very deep, inner, personal journey, whereas organized religions have their sets of tenants, rules, and regulations that you are expected to follow.  The differences between a spiritual path and religion can generally be described as inner, rather than outer directed.

This is not to say that your spiritual path may not lead you to become affiliated with a religion, because it might:  there is no “one size fits all” when you are seeking what is right for you.  When you are ready to explore this aspect of your life I will be honored to serve as a guide and companion on the journey.