Cord Cutting


Think about a cord as an invisible energy that connects you with another person. A cord may be gossamer thin, as when you smile at someone as you pass them on the street but never see them again and therefore easily dissolved, or substantial, built up over time as you are in relationship with another over months or years, therefore not easily broken. Another example of a cord is a connection that has occurred because of a traumatic event even though it may have been a one-time occurrence.

Cords are like conduits, carrying thoughts and emotions between two individuals. A common example is between parent and child, when a parent just knows that something is happening with their child without being told. Cords can carry love, encouragement, happy memories, in other words many good things, but they can also carry and transmit negative energies. The purpose of a cord cutting is to eliminate the conduit if what is being transmitted is harmful. How do you know if it is harmful? Whenever you think of that person you have a negative physical and/or emotional reaction, examples of which include such things as anger, fear, humiliation, fatigue, obsessive thoughts, hatred, confusion, love pain, and betrayal. You can see how these rob you of your happiness and peace of mind, sometimes even your health.

Cord cutting is easy yet profound. As the client you are always in a safe and relaxed state of being while together we locate the cord, I energetically cut it, energetically bandage it so no further negative messages can come through it, and then “read” what messages have been flowing along the cord. We never, ever, eliminate the positive. In fact, getting rid of the negatives that have been flowing through the cord increases your ability to experience the positive emotions as they are no longer blocked or contaminated.

To read about one woman’s experience with cord cutting, go to the blog, “Cutting the Ties That Bind,” dated October 6, 2014.

*You can read more about cord cutting in Cut Cords of Attachment

by Rose Rosetree, (2007), Women’s Intuition Worldwide.

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