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What Obituaries Don’t Tell You: Conversations About Life and Death

Kathryn F. Weymouth, PhD

Foreword by Robert Lyman Potter, MD, PhD

335 pages

Hardcover $39.99

Paperback $23.99


Modern-day obituaries give a chronology of a person’s life, but they don’t give you a look behind the scenes where the interesting and significant events surrounding the death occurred.  The book What Obituaries Don’t Tell You:  Conversations About Life and Death, is a compilation of stories told by individuals about a loved one’s death, how it shaped and continues to shape their lives, and by professionals in their role with people and families prior to, during, and after a death.

In the book you will discover that:

  •  Hearing people’s stories helps you heal from loss.
  •  What you do, what you think, and how you feel after a death is normal:  you aren’t crazy and it will get better.
  •  Preparing for your death is a great gift to yourself and your family.
  •  The choices and actions taken prior to death help determine the ease or difficulty of the death and the grieving process.
  •  Someone’s death can result in you being more loving, appreciating life more and redefining in a positive way who you are and what you want.


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A Way Through:  Healing From Loss.  A Workbook.

69 pages

Paperback $8.99


The Workbook guides you through processing the losses that you have experienced and gives you resources for integrating them into your life, whether working one-on-one in individual therapy, in a grief group, in a class, or in training as a helping professional.

Divided into three main sections they are:

Loss Through Death

Other Losses

Resources and Self-Help Techniques


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The Gift of a Peaceful Death

225 pages

Paperback $17.99


 As a contribution to integrative medicine, this book is a compilation of interviews with professionals who use complementary and alternative practices with their clients and patients.  Included in the book are the following methodologies, plus interviews with two palliative care physicians who use standard medical practice but support complementary and alternative practices at the patients’ or families request.

Healing Touch™




Music Therapy




If You Love Me You Will Talk To Me About Dying

107 pages

paperback $9.95



This main purpose of this book is to share what I learned from the interviews and focus groups for the previous three books, from my clients, my personal experiences, and research into dying and death.

In distilling this information it came down to five things that are important to know in order to have as peaceful a death as we can manage, for oneself and for others. These five things are presented in chapters 1-5, and Chapter 6 is The Love Contract, a guideline in the form of a checklist to discuss with others so they will know your wishes and you will know theirs.

Chapter 1.  How to Open the Conversation Abut Dying and Death, and Why It’s Important.

Chapter 2.  Each Death is Unique.

Chapter 3.  Unfinished Business and How it Contributes to a Peaceful or Difficult Death.

Chapter 4.  Support Systems.

Chapter 5.  Understand Your Own Beliefs and Experiences and How They Contribute to the Dying, Death, and Grief Process.

Chapter 6. The Love Contract.



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